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Stage West Calgary

Red Rock Diner

Sunday July 8, 2018 

  Five teens come of age while DJ Red Robinson plays the biggest hits of the 1950s. From the raucous “Great Balls of Fire” and “Jailhouse Rock” to ballads like “Diana” and “Crying”, his infectious musical captures the excitement and innocence of the city’s burgeoning rock ‘n’ roll scene.
Inspired by Red Robinson’s early days in radio, playwright Dean Regan created Red Rock Diner to showcase Robinson’s legendary broadcasting career and influential voice that he used to spin the records that shaped the rock ‘n’ roll landscape of the 1950s. Filled with energy, phenomenal talent, and great music, Red Rock Diner will leave you singing and dancing along to all of the songs you grew up with and have come to love!

$111 per person
Departs from parking lot south of Denny's on Gaetz Ave at 8:45AM